• #0019 Rails Patterns

    This log covers few helpful patterns (3) and two tips and tricks for building Rails application.

  • #0017 HTTP ETag in Rails

    This log covers HTTP ETags usage in Rails development. ETag is a key to determine content has changed.

  • #0015 Layout using Flexbox

    This log covers how to layout element using Flexbox. display controls how element should flow in the layout and flex is one of display’s property. It is appropriate to the components of an application and small-scale layouts.

  • #0012 Basic Ruby and OOP Refresher

    This log highlights some interested points while reviewing Ruby syntax and OOP (Object-oriented Programming).

  • #0009 Basic HTTP

    This log covers HTTP requests, responses, stateful web application and security.

  • #0008 Semantics, OOCSS, SMACSS

    This log covers how to make CSS modulizable and reusable. OOCSS, SMACSS and Atomic Design1 are popular methodologies of writing reusable, scalable, modular CSS.2 Keep in mind all these methodologies are just a convention, try to understand the concepts and the principles behind them and then keep those in mind while developing projects.

    1. http://atomicdesign.bradfrost.com/table-of-contents/

    2. https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/mastering-sass/9781785883361/ch04.html

  • #0006 Unix Process Management

    User and system tasks each take place within a well-defined container called a process on Unix-like system.

  • #0004 Basic Regular Expressions

    Regular expression finds text that matches specific patterns. It uses symbols to specify matches. Writing regex is make a specific pattern match a group of characters. Common usage for regex are validations and searching.

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